Does it really work?

There will be blood, sweat, snot & tears along the way. Ok maybe not blood, but you will definitely be in a battle where you will need to roll the sleeves up, dig real deep & find that inner GRIT to crush it! You will set goals and know exactly where you are headed, but we focus in 100% on the day at hand. Because if we smash each day, just one day at a time, then when we compound these days and add them all together the results will be phenomenal! Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the amazing transformations below.


Kelsey Vials Transformation Wallace Wolves



I had never been one for dieting or programmes which focused on weight loss, I just tried to eat healthily and keep active by walking our dog. However, as time went on I found I was struggling with the work-life balance and my motivation and determination had gone. I was eating takeaways and drinking alcohol almost every weekend until one morning I looked in the mirror and felt disgusted with myself. That was the wakeup call and I signed myself up for the free 7 Day Shred, using my pictures as the driving force to keep me motivated.

I then joined the 90 Day Shred and haven’t looked back. I have loved being part of the Wolfpack, but it did come with its challenges. This biggest for me was fitting into my day-to-day life, but I wanted it to work, so I made it work!

The biggest breakthrough of the Shred for me was discovering I could run, and enjoy it. At the beginning we were set 2.5K challenge, and I nearly cried at the thought. However, I have now completed a 10K and I am so unbelievably proud of myself. Never in a million years did I think I could attempt a 10K but because of the Shred community and everyone’s support makes you want to be the best you can be! I am so happy with my results and after comparing my before and after pictures I am feeling more confident. I would 100% recommend the Shred, the support is amazing, and it’s made to fit with your lifestyle.

Arthur Wiseman Transformation Wallace Wolves



I heard about Dean through a group I was part of in Peterhead. I checked out Wallace Wolves and took the decision to sign up in July 2018. I was looking for something to increase my fitness levels and improve my physical condition.

I’ve spent most of my working life in physically demanding jobs and was in the armed forces so had always been fit, however for the last six years I’ve been in a management position behind a desk. In November 2017 I found myself getting out of breath while tying my shoe laces. I decided to step on the bathroom scales and to my horror I was 22 stone 3lbs! I was left wondering how I had let this happen. It was in this moment I decided to make positive changes and bowed to get my health and fitness back and be fit for 40 (October 2018).

The Shred has helped me organise my food in advance and it never seemed like a chore, and the nutritional plan is simple to follow and adaptable. It is important to understand the Shred is a lifestyle change and not as fad diet. The workouts were quite short to start which surprised me, starting with 12 minutes HIIT or core workouts. When it came to Transformation Tuesday (sending in progress pictures and measurements) I had lost over 26cm in body mass in the first week!

One of the best things about the Shred is the Wolfpack community as we all support each other and it’s great to feel part of.  The Shred offer live professional mindset coaching which really puts things into perspective and broadens your ability to become a better version of you, not just on the challenges but in all aspects of your life. If you’re on the fence – take the plunge!

Katy Klinck Transformation Wallace Wolves



I would never have dreamt of posting my before picture, but I am so chuffed and amazed with the results of the 90 Day Shred, the changes to my body and how much I’ve enjoyed doing it! We’re still two weeks out from finishing the Shred and I’ve already lost 77cm! I am most pleased with the progress on my back, as anyone who knows me knows my back boobs are my least favourite thing in the world! A massive thanks to Dean for the motivation and kick up the butt I was in need of! I can’t wait to continue my journey with the Wolfpack beyond the 90 Days.

Anth Bill Transformation Wallace Wolves



Before starting the 90 Day Shred I was on a downward spiral, just getting through the week until Friday then binge drinking all weekend. I wasn’t in a goof place, I had gained a lot of weight and wasn’t a nice person to be around.

I heard about Dean through a family member and had seen some fantastic results. I found him on Facebook and before I knew it my partner and I had signed up for the 7 day free trial. Within those 7 days Dean gave me the tools to lose 17cm! I felt amazing during that week, so without hesitation I signed up for the 90 Day Shred.

Immediately I found myself in the amazing Wolfpack Community, and I was not only learning about fitness but about changing my mindset. Thanks to Dean, his team and the Wolfpack I have changed in every way possible, I am fitter, healthier, happier and all-round better person. The 90 days had its up and downs, but I quickly learned how to grow from those days. The support from Dean and his team is second to none.

I enjoyed every challenge, and while I was worried about some exercises Dean always gave me an alternative. When I started the Shred running was a no go, but I’m now up 6 miles which I am over the moon about!

I would recommend the 90 Day Shred to anyone willing to change their lifestyle, no matter what your background! If someone with a disability affecting mobility like myself can get these results, then anyone can! What an incredible journey!

Rachael McAulay Transformation Wallace Wolves



I decided to the 90 Day Shred after seeing my husband’s amazing results! Seven weeks after having our second baby I decided to join him on the Shred. I needed something to slingshot me back into the swing of things. With Dean’s clever mix of fitness, motivation and wellness techniques I rediscovered my love for working out. I didn’t achieve a result until week two of the Shred but with the help of the Shred Community I realised I had given myself unrealistic targets and was comparing myself to others. As soon as I stopped this I felt so much better in my own skin and dropped from a size 14 to an 8/10!

The Shred is great for mums who have to juggle kids, a house, a husband and work as you can do the challenges in your own time. Having suffered my mental health throughout this journey, the Shred gave me something to concentrate on day-to-day, the endorphins lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence to dress in things I normally wouldn’t. I finally feel good about myself and know the being myself is good enough!

Daniel Paterson Transformation Wallace Wolves



Before I joined the 90 Day Shred I was stuck in a rut which led to depression. The doctors prescribed me “happy pills”, which did nothing. I was stress eating, drinking heavily and doing nothing to make a change. I watched a colleagues journey through the 30 Day Shred and I was amazed at his transformation, so I took the plunge.

My biggest breakthrough came after my first Shred. I took my before pictures and measurements and compared them to the end of the 30 days and I was in disbelief. That’s when my mindset changed, and I have been doing 30 day Shreds back to back.

Joining the Wolfpack has literally changed my life, I no longer stress eat, drink heavily or take “happy pills”. I’m happy with life and myself! The support I have gotten through Dean, the Wolfpack and my loved ones has been amazing. They have encouraged me to keep motivated and bettering myself on a daily basis.

“He believed he could, so he did”

Vicki Yarrick Transformation Wallace Wolves



Before starting the 90 Day Shred I was stuck in a rut with my eating habits and fitness. Seeing results from Dean’s 30 Day Shred was the push I needed, and while I always love a challenge – this was some challenge!

I had always tried to eat healthily Monday to Thursday, but it was takeaways and wine over the weekend. I also liked to run but has never pushed myself to get the results I wanted. I saw results after one week of the 90 Day Shred! With the support from Dean and the Wolfpack Community and seeing my own results and others in the community was a huge incentive and made staying committed easy. The group chats were supportive and we all encouraged each other to push ourselves like we’d never done before!

I looked forward to Dean’s live chats and the weekly challenges which were really varies and pushed you out of your comfort zones. The recipes were also a great help and found prepping meals meant eating healthy was easy. The 90 Day Shred is not a quick fix or fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It means everything in moderation – life is for living and enjoying so just make the right choices!

If I had one piece of advice it would be to join the 90 Day Shred, give it 100% and you won’t be disappointed. A big thanks to Dean and the team for the advice and support!

Callum Stewart Transformation Wallace Wolves 18



I had always told myself I needed to lose weight and get fitter, and the fad diets I’d tried never worked. I just didn’t have the inner mental strength to get fitter. As a sales manager I spend a fair bit of time in the car travelling throughout Scotland and I found I was eating really unhealthily on the road. I was also binge drinking every weekend and eating takeaways. While I did play a lot of sports and go to the gym my motivation and drive just wasn’t there.

Then I found Dean Wallace and joined the 90 Day Shred. And wow, what a decision – the best of my life so far! The 90 Day Shred has changed my life. I hadn’t realised how selfish I was, and how I put myself before considering my family. I now spend more time with my two boys and my partner. I also didn’t have one alcoholic drink for the entire 90 days! I can now run 10K and actually enjoy it!

The food recommendations are amazing, and I now know prep is key! I have been guilty of eating crisps and other guilty pleasures but that’s all part of the journey. The bad days become less, and you become more determined.

The Wolfpack Community is unbelievable, such great motivation in all aspects of life! Everyone cares, and we all motivate each other. My overall results have surpassed my own expectations, particularly with a new baby arriving in the 90 Days. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster but I have loved every minute! I cannot thank everyone involved enough for the help and support over the past 13 weeks, and can’t wait for the next 90 Day Shred in January 2019!



Our fun, energetic, and supportive community will help to educate you in how to make lifelong changes and will support you to reach your health and fitness goals.

We ensure our participants get results through educating you about our philosophy:

  • 20% Exercise
  • 80% nutrition
  • 100% mindset